Wavetek/Datron Multi-Product Calibrator
These instruments can produce or measure LETHAL VOLTAGES at their terminals. Test should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Caution: These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should
only be performed by qualified technicians

View Error Codes
for this device
Error codeDefinition
Fatal System Errors
9000System Kernel Fault
9001Run Time System Error
9002Unexpected Exception
9003PROM Sumcheck Failure
9004RAM Check Failure
9005Serial Interface Fault (Subdivided)
9006Option Test Failure
9007Unknown Engine Instrn
9008NV RAM Clear Fault
9009Stack Overflow
9099Undefined Fatal Error
List of Command Errors
0000No Command Error
7001suspect range parameter
7002suspect band parameter
7003suspect numeric parameter
7004suspect mnemonic
7005suspect pass number
7006get not allowed
7007more than 9 characters in field
7008incorrect arb blck term
7009arb message length mismatch
7010arb preamble numeric incorrect
7011arb data missing
7012no trailing string term
7013too many chars in string
7014string data missing
7015unknown command type
7016incorrect message unit terminator
7017unknown command
Execution Errors (EXE)
List of Execution Errors
0000No Execution Error
1001Option not installed
1002Calibration disabled
1005Input zero not allowed
1006Cal mode change must be via exit
1007Invalid numeric data
1008Must be in AC function
1009Pass number entry error
1012No more errors in list
1013Data out of limit
1014Illegal range/function combination
1015Command only allowed in remote
1016Not in special calibration
1019Temperature cal needs BASE cal enb
1020Lead cal needs CERT cal enabled
1021Test not allowed when cal enabled
1023Zero not allowed when cal enabled
1024Invalid date format entered
1025External trigger mode not selected
1026Illegal band selection
1027Shunt serial number incorrect
102810A selection requires shunt#
1029BASELINE calibration not enabled
1030HIACC mode required
10312 wire reqd. for lead calibration
10322 wire selection requires lead#
1033Lead serial number incorrect
1034Base selection invalid in cal mode
1035Cert selection invalid in cal mode
Normal Operation
0000No Device Dependent Errors
2001Zero correction error
2002Gain+ correction error
2003Gain- correction error
2004AC linearity correction error
2005Lead correction error
2006Temperature correction error
2007Signal outside band
2008Input zero correction error
2009Bus address corrupt
2010Bad data from analog sub-system
2011Bad copy of measurement correction
2012Measurement correction invalid
2013NV RAM write failure
2014NV RAM read failure
2015Undefined cal/test error
Selftest Operation
2100A-D: Zero
2101A-D: Main Reference
2102A-D: Check Reference
2103A-D: PREF16
2104A-D: NREF16
2105A-D: Main Reference Drift
2105check again after warm-up
2105outside 30 day cal period
2105internal temp. mismatch
2106A-D: PREF16 Drift
2106check again after warm-up
2106outside 30 day cal period
2106internal temp. mismatch
2107A-D: NREF16 Drift
2107check again after warm-up
2107outside 30 day cal period
2107internal temp. mismatch
2108A-D: Reference Ratio Drift
2108check again after warm-up
2108outside 30 day cal period
2108internal temp. mismatch
2200DC Preamp: Zero 100mV
2201DC Preamp: Zero 1V
2202DC Preamp: Zero 10V
2203DC Preamp: Self Test Zero
2204DC Preamp: Gain +1V
2205DC Preamp: Gain -1V
2206DC Preamp: Gain +100mV
2207DC Preamp: Gain -100mV
2208DC Preamp: Gain +10V
2209DC Preamp: Filter 1V
2300Power Supply: +36V
2301Power Supply: -36V
2302Power Supply: +5V
2303Power Supply: +15V
2304Power Supply: -15V
2305Temperature 1
2306Temperature 2
2307DC Preamp: div 60 atten.
2400AC Preamp: Zero x1
2401AC Preamp: Zero x3
2402AC Preamp: Pos 1Vx1
2403AC Preamp: Neg 1Vx1
2404AC Preamp: Pos 1Vx3
2405AC Preamp: div 10 atten.
2406AC Preamp: div 100 atten.
2407AC Preamp: div 743 atten.
2408AC Preamp: 600Hz
2409AC System: O/L check 13V
2410AC Preamp: O/L check 13V
2500AC System: AC gain
2501AC System: S&H tracking
2502AC System: S&H holding
2503AC System: Quasi-sine gain
2504AC System: Chop 100Hz filter
2505AC System: Chop 10Hz
2506AC System: Linearity
2600Ohms: 5V Clamp
2601Ohms: 1mA Source
2602Ohms: 100Ohm A Source
2603Ohms: 10Ohm A Source
2604Ohms: 1Ohm A Source
2605Ohms: 100nA Source
2606Ohms: 10V Output
2607Ohms: Zero
2700Current: 10mA 10R
2701Current: 10mA 1R
2702Current: 10mA 0R1
2703Current: 1mA 100R
2704Current: 100Ohm A 1k
2705Current: 4wr/2wr switch
2706Current: Ohms Isolation
2707Current: Fuse Test
2800General: Digital p/s
2801General: Battery voltage
2802General: RAM test

Wavetek/Datron 4950 Multifunction Transfer Standard

The 4950 from Wavetek/Datron is a very high performance, 7½ digit bench top measurement standard. It can measure direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current, and resistance. A 10A shunt option is available to extend the direct and alternating current ranges to 10A.

Common Failures

  • Misapplication of voltage or current — The 4950 can be damaged by sourcing high voltage to mV alternating voltage, resistance or current functions.
  • Age — Very old instruments can suffer from age related failures caused by normal deterioration of components and assemblies over time.

Test Instructions

These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. Please include any information available about failures and what function the instrument was in prior to failure.

Testing Steps

  • If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction.
  • Power up the 4950 and let it warm up for at least 30 minutes. Run the confidence test from the test button menu. If a failure occurs, note the error number/description and contact us. There are often multiple errors. Report as many as you reasonably can.
  • For any functional or calibration errors not detected by the test operations, contact us for repair.